Artist Joe Sannutti says "DGLM is amazing"


Artist Joe Sannutti recommends DGLM Gallery

Joe Sannutti, artist and owner of The Art of Giving 215 ( recently sent a review of Arik's work at DGLM Gallery.  

Joe says, "How many good things can I say about how much I appreciate the great work Arik does.  I bring every painting I do, along with any other pictures that need to be framed to DGLM and recommend Arik to everyone I know. Family and friends have been going to DGLM ever since I told them.

I have been painting/selling paintings for the past 3 years, and I am more than satisfied and excited about the outcome of each framed piece.  

Not only is his work articulate and to perfection, but his input on the framing style and matting is always spot on. Plus, it is always great to stop in for a great conversation. The turn around time for the pictures that I have framed is fast! Living in Center City Philadelphia, there are plenty of framing shops, however, I wouldn't think twice about making the drive to Northeast Philly for the incredible job and great atmosphere Arik provides at DGLM.  My paintings wouldn't look as good without him. Not to mention, the work hanging at DGLM Gallery is amazing!"