Slava Brodinsky

Slava Brodinsky - DGLMGallery Artist

Slava Brodinsky - From Eastern Russia to the Hills of Galilee

Slava Brodinsky was born in 1955 in Birobidjan, in Eastern Russia. From an early age, he devoted himself to painting. As a young boy, he was sent to an art school and after serving in the Soviet army, he returned to his hometown and continued his interest in art. He studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Birobidjan and graduated with honors in 1979. He held many exhibitions throughout the U.S.S.R. throughout the 1980's.

In 1991, Brodinsky, along with his family, moved to Israel. The topography of the country, particularly the views of the Galilee and northern Israel with the surrounding hills became dominant themes of his work. Brodinsky is a master of "painting the light" capturing the rays of the sun in his landscapes. His work is textured and has an air of being "down to earth" which is achieved by the use of rough brushes, as well as mixing the paint with natural elements such as sand. His works have been exhibited in one man and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad. His pieces are collected and can be found in private collections throughout the globe.

Architectural Landscape
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Calm Waters Serigraph 9 X 13
Calm Waters ...
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Homestead Charm  Serigraph 14 X 11
Homestead Ch...
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Meadows Serigraph 11 X 14
Meadows Seri...
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Season Of Harvest Serigraph 14 X 11
Season Of Ha...
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The Village Serigraph 13 X 12
The Village ...
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Tuscany Road Serigraph 12 X 16
Tuscany Road...
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A Pass In The Grove Serigraph 24 X 21
A Pass In Th...
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Beyond The Horizon Serigraph 16 X 13
Beyond The H...
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Untiteled Serigraph 16 X 20
Untiteled Se...
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Tuscany Region Serigraph 19 X 22
Tuscany Regi...
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