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Alexander and WissotzkyThe collective work of Wissotsky and Galtchansky has been exhibited globally and can be found in public and private collections all over the world.

Tanya Wissotsky and Alexander Galtchansky were both born in 1959 in Crimea, in the former USSR. Both studied art and attended the Kiev Institute of the Arts. Wissotsky's concentration was on painting, and Alexander, book illustrating. After they married, they moved to Israel, where they began collaborating on pieces, enabling them to join their creativity and take it to a new level. They worked in acrylic, pen and ink. 

Their combined style is very recognizable-their still life pieces reflect a nostalgic glimpse of the romanticism of the past in addition to calligraphic quotations.

Tanya Wissotsky passed away after battling cancer in November, 2006. Her husband, Alex, passed away in 2008.

Lovely Party Serigraph 33 X 24
Lovely Party...
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Red Bouquet 26 X 21
Red Bouquet ...
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phoca_thumb_l_Lovely Party Serigraph 21 X 16
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Violinist - serigraph 13 X 19
Violinist - ...
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The Walk- serigraph 13 X 19
The Walk- se...
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Evening II - serigraph 20 X 16
Evening II -...
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Delightful Pair - Serigraph 16 X 13
Delightful P...
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