Avigail Yoresh ArtistThe art of Avigail Yoresh is informed with a background in graphical art and animation design.

Avigail Yoresh was born in Transylvania in 1937. When she was 10 years old, she emigrated with her family to Israel. She attended Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem and studied graphic design.

Along with her husband Yitzhak, well known for his animation and visual design, Avigail practiced design, illustration and animated films. Since 1972, however, she has concentrated her efforts on her painting. Avigail has a very destinct, recognizable style. Avigail's 44 limited edition pieces were published in both Paris and in Israel. Avigail's works have been exhibited in Israel, Europe and North America and can be found in private collections globally. Avigail is married and the mother of two. She lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel.

The Mother-in-Law
The Mother-i...
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Before The Wedding Lithograph 14 X 11
Before The W...
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Blowing The Horn Lithograph  12 X 18
Blowing The ...
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Going To The Wedding Lithograph 21 X 26
Going To The...
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Happily Married Lithograph 16 X 11
Happily Marr...
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In Search For Love Lithograph  14 X 11
In Search Fo...
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Making Tea Lithograph 18 X 12
Making Tea L...
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The Fathers In Law Lithograph 12 X 18
The Fathers ...
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The Inlaws Lithograph 14 X 22
The Inlaws L...
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The Lady Of The House Lithograph 18 X 12
The Lady Of ...
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The Rhythm Of Marriage Lithograph  12 X 18
The Rhythm O...
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The Rich Uncle Lithograph 12 X 12
The Rich Unc...
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Wedding Musicians Lithograph 22 X 15
Wedding Musi...
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