Yosl  Bergner ArtistSon of Yiddish Poet Explores Boundaries of Expressionism

Yosl Bergner was born in Vienna in 1920, and is the son of Melech Ravitz, a Yiddish poet. Bergner grew up in Warsaw and in 1937, he and his family emigrated to Australia. In 1950, Bergner moved to Israel eventually settling in Tel Aviv. He was awarded the 1979-1980 Israel Prize for his paintings. Bergner is also well known for designing scenery and costumes for the theater, and has also illustrated several books.

Yosl Bergner's style incorporates several areas from expressionism to surrealistic painting with characteristic Israeli elements. In recent years, he has returned to expressive painting void of surrealistic features. Since 1950, he has held several exhibits of his work in both Israel, and abroad- in Europe, Brazil, and elsewhere. His pieces hang in museums and private collections across the globe.

A Boy With a Flower
A Boy With a...
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A Girl with a Blue Bubble Serigraph 19 X 15
A Girl with ...
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Boy With A Flute Serigraph 15 X 11
Boy With A F...
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Butterfly Hunter serigraph 30 X 24
Butterfly Hu...
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Clowns Serigraph  28 X 22
Clowns Serig...
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Girl With A Flower serigraph  10 X 8
Girl With A ...
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Instrument serigraph 18 X 10
Instrument s...
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Kichen Utensils Serigraph  14 X 18
Kichen Utens...
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Klezmers  Serigraph 21 X 25
Klezmers Se...
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The Fiddler Serigraph 20 X 17
The Fiddler ...
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The Groom Serigraph 20 X 24
The Groom Se...
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Trio Serigraph 20 X 17
Trio Serigra...
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Village Orchestra Serigraph 10 X 13
Village Orch...
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Village Wedding Serigraph 19 X 24
Village Wedd...
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