Mordechai Rosenstein

By uniting his interest in Judaica and painting, Rosenstein has given a contemporary meaning to the art of Hebrew calligraphy.

Mordechai Rosenstein is a member of the first graduating class of Akiba Hebrew Academy. He later studied at the Philadelphia College of Art, and developed a very unique style in which he has joined his interest in Judaica and painting. He has a very distinctive gift. His use of Hebrew calligraphy, embellished letters along with design from ancient Hebrew texts and vibrant colors makes his work extremely recognizable. 

Mordechaic Rosentein's pieces may be found in private collections, synogogues, and elsewhere throughout the United States and internationally.

Candles Serigraph 7 X 17
Candles Seri...
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Community serigraoh 13 X 10
Community se...
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Content serigraph  13 X 10
Content seri...
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Creation I serigraph 13 X 33
Creation I s...
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Creation II serigraph 13 X 33
Creation II ...
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Dawn serigraph 26 X 12
Dawn serigra...
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Dedicatin serigraph 20 X 24
Dedicatin se...
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Bar Bat Mitzvah serigraph 24 X 10
Bar Bat Mitz...
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Deeds serigraph  10 X 13
Deeds serigr...
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Doctors Prayer serigraph 24 X 20
Doctors Pray...
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Echad serigraph 16 X 18
Echad serigr...
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Family serigraph 30 X 24
Family serig...
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Four Mothers serigraph 18 X 14
Four Mothers...
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Fruit serigraph 7 X 17
Fruit serigr...
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Holy serigraph 20 X 24
Holy serigra...
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Jerusalem serigraph 33 x 13
Jerusalem se...
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Job serigraph  13 X 10
Job serigrap...
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King David serigraph 12 X 26
King David s...
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Micha  serigraph 18 X 14
Micha serig...
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Parents serigraph 12 X 26
Parents seri...
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